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S 4 U Programs


Teen Leadership Empowerment Academy (Girls)

The Teen Leadership Empowerment Academy is designed primarily for 9th grade teen girls and their parents through high school.  TLEA is committed to reaching low-income communities by providing opportunities for girls and their parents to participate at no cost.  The TLEA is a 16-week competency based curriculum that incorporates youth self-development and leadership as its driving philosophies.  Using trained facilitators from academia, corporate, nonprofit and government agencies is a key factor in obtaining a custom curriculum focused on helping teen girls to:


  • Build their self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Learn how to navigate teen adolescence in healthy ways

  • Learn, develop and practice the essential leadership skills for success

  • Lean how to set goals, and make sound decision to achieve those goals

  • Learn through shared experiences with peers and parents how to accept personal accountability

  • Learn concrete tools to be resilient, poised, courageous and confident


Pass the Torch Leadership & Mentoring Program (Boys)

Pass the Torch Leadership & Mentoring Program (PTTLMP) is a community based program model serving boys ages 12-17, and designed to empower communities one youth at a time through high school.  We are to educate, encourage, motivate, and inspire young men that WE care by developing skills and habits necessary for them to experience academic, economic and social success in their lives.


Through partnership with schools, and working closely school administrators, parents and the community.  The program will provide much needed services for these young men to keep them from drugs, gangs, homelessness, depression and drop out before high school completion.


  • Youth Development

  • Academic Enhancement & Support

  • Community & Economic Development


The work is intended to bring positive change by helping youth graduate from high school, complete college or vocational training, develop work skills and make responsible choices.


Other S 4 U Programs

Millennials Mastermind Group


This program is designed primarily for young adult women (ages 18– 35). The program addresses self-development and self-management, career exploration, healthy life style training, the power of choice, the power of goal setting, and the power of self-clarification in a series of life-growth development sessions with trained facilitators and mentors.


Leadership Training Insitute (Spring)


The Spring Training Leadership Institute is an extension of the Teen Leadership Empowerment Academy curriculum developed for teen girls in 9th and 10th grades that cover financial management, public speaking, and STEM areas.  It provides supplemental mentoring and training for girls as leaders with projects and experiential learning and community service learning projects.


Mentoring Training Institute (Summer)


Designed primarily for training adult volunteer facilitators/mentors for success in working with middle, high school and young adult women and men. This program will train participants through a designed 4-week curriculum that addresses teen/adolescent development through experiential learning experiences, role playing, and the essential leadership skills and attitudes needed to motivate and inspire “positive” youth development for teen girls, boys and young adult women and men.


Become A Mentor or Volunteer!

To become a Mentor or Volunteer, just click on the Volunteer button below, send us an email and we will be contact with you shortly or call us at (951) 221-3000

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