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Millennials Mastermind Session #2

The Power of Facing Your Fears!

This session will be about SELF, Emotional Intelligence, Values, and more on Fears, Guilt and Unforgiveness.  Also, Dr. Young will share how to break the cycle of negativity and how to see one's self as Powerful!  Sign up today to reserve your seat!


Teen Leadership Empowerment Academy 2018

S4U Teen Leadership Empowerment Academy will continue their sessions at MVUSD, Moreno Valley, CA with an eager and excited group of girls, young women and parents.  We will be accepting new applications for the Fall September 2019.

For more details and information click below or call our office at (310) 997-5889. 


2019 - NAEYC

"Standing Together Against Suspension & Expulsion in Early Childhood"

Expulsion in early childhood education is not an intervention. Over a decade of research and data tell us that the policies and practices of suspension and expulsion in early childhood, which disproportionately affect children of color, are causing harm to children and families. Read more...


Griffith Observatory

S4U Foundation will be taking our participants, parents and families for a field trip to Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA  This will be a fantastic field trip to educate and inspire our young people to move further on in education and learning. For more information please call our office at (310) 997-5889.

9/28/19 - Science Daily - Science News

Education reform urged: Age-based grade assignments hinder millions of students

Traditional age-based grade levels may be hampering the progress of millions of K-12 students in the United States and should be a target for reform, according to a new study co-authored by a UNC Charlotte education professor. Read more...

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